The Giving Day is over but it’s not too late to make a gift!

The Giving Day is now over – We are so grateful to the whole community for getting involved and showing their support.

If you would still like to support us, it’s not too late to make a gift!

On 13-14 May 2024 we held our second ever Rugby School and Bilton Grange Giving Day.  

Over the course of 36 hours, we invited Rugbeians and Biltonians, along with parents, grandparents, staff, pupils, and friends from the UK and around the world to come together and celebrate the profound impact of our education on shaping our lives and the communities where we live and work. We recognise that we have a unique opportunity to share this education and to open our doors even wider so that we reflect the vibrancy of modern Britain by offering fully funded boarding bursaries at Rugby School and Bilton Grange.  

There are numerous ways you can still get involved - from sharing our posts on social media to making a gift – you can still be part of it.

We’re all in! And we hope you will be inspired to join us.

Final hours £ for £!
For the final two hours of our 2024 Giving Day all donations will be matched up to £8,000!
£8,000 MATCHED
400 Donor Milestone
If we reach 400 donors we will unlock £4,000!
400 / 400 Donors
Bilton Grange Challenge
If 20 donors from Bilton Grange give this Giving Day we will unlock £1,000!
20 / 20 Donors
Launch challenge
To encourage a rapid start, a generous donor has agreed to give £1,000 if we reach 40 donors before 11am!
40 / 40 Donors
Parent Challenge
If 100 Parent donors give this Giving Day we will unlock £2,000!
100 / 100 Donors
15 Country Challenge
Can donors from 15 different countries donate this Giving Day to unlock £1,500?
15 / 15 Donors
£ for £ Matching Hours
From 6pm-8pm all donations will be matched £ for £ up to £10,000!
£10,000 MATCHED
300 Donor Milestone Challenge
If we reach our first milestone of 300 donors we will unlock £3,000!
300 / 300 Donors
Pre-Day Challenge
£2,000 will be unlocked if we reach 25 donors before Giving Day to either school
25 / 25 Donors
Get your house to the top of the House Leaderboard!
Current students of the leading House win a BBQ dinner courtesy of Chartwells Independent.
Which House would you like to support (if any)?
Rank Answer Donors
1 Bilton Grange 46
2 Dean 42
3 Town 35
4 Kilbracken 33
5 Tudor 30
6 Whitelaw 30
7 Southfield 28
8 Cotton 26
9 Sheriff 25
10 Michell 24
11 Stanley 23
12 School House 21
13 Rupert Brooke 21
14 School Field 19
15 Bradley 18
What are we fundraising for?
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